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Specialist College

Project Type: Education Project Length: 3 Months (September – November..

Specialist College

Project Type: Education

Project Length: 3 Months (September – November 2015)

Project Description: For this project we were working on behalf of HE Simm & Son Ltd where we completed the design, supply, electrical installation and final commissioning of a new Trend BMS system. Our scope of works was to provide a control system to facilitate a full heating system which comprised of a boiler and air source heat pump package to deliver heat to the building via an underfloor and radiator VT system. This included associated circulation pumps which also served the domestic hot water provisions. The project incorporated the use of breathing building units where the BMS provided a full interface using a Modbus network via a Tridium Jace. The electricity, water and gas service usage are monitored and logged by the BMS system with the water metering being used for major leak detection to satisfy BREEAM. The monitoring and control of both the mechanical and natural ventilation systems is included as part of the new BMS system.

Project Progress: Despite the limited time frame to complete the required works on this project we managed to hand the job over to the client on time, meeting all expectations. We were able to overcome issues with access to equipment in the field along with the restraints of available cable routes due to the ceilings and walls already being complete prior to us being in receipt of a contract order. Upon completion of the project we were congratulated and thanked by the main contractor for our input and involvement as we were able to quickly finalise the design, mobilise the installation and to complete the commissioning works.

Project Technical Details: Products provided on this project included the latest Trend IQ4E controllers, a Tridium Jace integration controller along with a full 963 front end graphical supervisor. All temperature sensors and thermostats used were supplied and manufactured by Trend, along with the CO2 sensors by Sontay.

Project Outcome: The system is now fully operational, along with all demonstrations to the customer and client being completed.  We will continue to offer our support should the customer require any further assistance or advice with regards to the new Trend BMS system. Finally, we have issued the client with the relevant contact details allowing them to request further information with regards to a service and maintenance contract directly with Impact Control Systems. We would be more than happy to supply this information to ensure a continuation of the level of energy efficiency and control.

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